Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Is Cuccinelli Yesterday's Conservative?

Republicans in Virginia need to wake up. The results from Election Day are there for all to see ... unless denial prevents one from looking at the harsh numbers. 

A lot of Republicans around here were positive former-Gov. Mitt Romney would win. They were dead wrong.

Too many Republicans thought former-Sen. George Allen would be a good candidate.

They were dead wrong, too.

Allen’s baggage was too heavy, there were lots of ticket-splitters, who voted for Romney but couldn’t stomach voting for Allen. Being the conservative in the race just wasn’t good enough this time. The Old Dominion is changing. 

Earlier this year, too many in the Republican caucus in the General Assembly thought their backward-looking proposals to do with abortion would slide through that legislative body without creating big problems with female voters.

They were doubly dead wrong.

Those photographs of mean cops, outfitted to control a monster riot, pushing around peacefully assembled women in Capitol Square must have turned plenty of politically moderate voters into Democrats in 2012.

Next year if Republicans offer up a gubernatorial nominee who is still spouting Tea Party talking points, warmed over from 2010, they will probably lose, again.

What about Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s future? Remember all the grandstanding legal action he initiated that has blown back into his face? If Republicans wise up and turn away from his swaggering, arch conservative style, how will he respond?

Maybe he’s the next Virgil Goode.  

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