Saturday, June 30, 2012

The tax liberals and musicians deplore

Don't understand why Richmond ought to abolish the seven percent admissions tax that is hobbling show business? Tax attorney J.C. Wilmore has posted a piece at his political blog that puts the issue in a new light.
Eliminating the Admissions Tax would actually increase the net amount of revenue the City of Richmond collects by boosting the amount of sales tax, meals tax, and real estate tax the city collects.
Click here to read “A Fish Story” at The Richmonder. 

Click here to visit Stop Taxing Tickets, the Facebook group dedicated to abolishing Richmond’s seven percent admissions tax.

Click here to read  Richmond's "Show Biz-Stifling Tax,"which is an OpEd piece of mine on this topic that ran in the Richmond Times-Dispatch last summer.

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