Thursday, June 28, 2012

The sore loser blues

For whatever reasons, it seems many Republicans had expected Chief Justice John Roberts to be on their side and willing to play team ball on Obamacare. After all, he was a Bush appointee. So, they thought the fix was in and the head umpire was in on it.

With the announcement of the decision, it has turned out that those smug Republicans’ expectations have now hoisted them on their own petard.

Consistently, it has been Republicans who have been harping on the evils of an activist judiciary that overturns the work of elected lawmakers. Conservatives have held that the will of the people is best expressed through legislatures. Over the years they’ve decried decisions that struck down laws that institutionalized segregation and injected Christianity into public schools. 

Now that the Supreme Court has upheld what Congress itself passed on health care reform, I’m amused to see that some Republicans still see the justices with which they disagree as being activists ... ruling by fiat, etc.

It seems the term “activist judge” has always been a propaganda device and little more. And, when bullies become crybabies it’s never a pretty picture.

Meanwhile, the adage, “nobody likes a sore loser,” makes me wonder how independent voters are viewing the shrill bellyaching that we’re hearing from some of the unhappy folks who had expected the Court to make Obamacare disappear today.

Do independent voters really want to hear another tired version of the Sore Loser Blues, sung off-key?


Update: So far, my nomination for the biggest Obamacare sore loser -- with an asterisk -- is Virginia's AG, Ken Cuccinelli. He's still pouting because the Supreme Court didn't even want to hear about HIS case. Yes, the grandstanding Cooch filed his own suit, apart from the other states. But it turned out Virginia's case was the tree that fell in the woods with no judge to hear it -- thus the asterisk. 

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