Monday, January 24, 2011

Candidate Allen: 'You know me'

George Allen (depicted in 2006 by yours truly) is back on the campaign trail. He wants Virginia's voters to return him to his old job in the U.S. Senate. Well, some Republicans in Virginia may be glad about Allen's announcement, which hardly came as a surprise to the Old Dominion's political blogosphere.

In his video taped announcement Allen said:
Friends, it’s time for an American comeback. A comeback with leaders in Washington who listen to We The People, adhere to foundational principles, rein in spending and start creating opportunities for more jobs.

Now to get [sic] we’re going to need more leaders listening to Virginia voices. Leaders who will fight to Repeal and replace this government mandated healthcare experiment, Pass a balanced budget amendment and the line-item veto, And reduce our families’ energy costs by unleashing our American resources and creativity.

Today I’m announcing my candidacy for the U.S. Senate. You know me...
Other Republicans may remember his 2006 campaign and wonder who has been advising Mr. Allen that most conservative Virginians relish the idea of supporting him in 2012. Before the infamous Macaca Meltdown in 2006, while eying a run for the White House down the road, wasn't Allen the guy who said the Senate was too slow moving, even boring?

More than a few Republicans and Independents must be remembering the utter disaster Allen's last campaign was. And, when recalling how Allen lost to Sen. Jim Webb, it's important to note that Allen's unfortunate video-taped remarks were followed by several weeks worth of bogus explanations, denials, and revised denials, etc.

Yes, the viral play of the video tape of an apparently drunk George Allen mocking a Webb campaign worker was what put the incumbent's campaign into crisis mode. But it was Allen's outrageously inept damage control that put his bid for reelection into a free fall. Comedians certainly made note of it at the time.

Then there was also that series of embarrassing revelations about a youthful Allen's bullying behavior over the years that came out of the woodwork. Relics of those stories and all the monkey jokes at Allen's expense will be easy for his opponents on either side of the aisle to reanimate.

Meanwhile, one candidate is already in the Republican field for Allen's old job -- Tea Party organizer Jamie Radtke. Other Republicans are sure to follow. So, until we see the entire field of hopefuls, it's premature to say Allen will cakewalk his way past his GOP opposition.

Yes, with his Confederate flags and cowboy boots, we know this self-styled Southern gentleman from Southern California. We know George Allen ... that's his problem.


Note: The text of Allen's speech was copied from the email his campaign sent me.

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