Saturday, January 29, 2011

Is the future a prize to be won?

Unlike some of my readers, I am more happy than not with Obama's performance as president. And, I'm especially pleased with the positive momentum he has established in the last couple of months. I'm a realist, who recognizes that he can't invent a bunch of courageous, liberal Democrats in Congress. Nor can he invent Republicans who aren't afraid of the Tea Party's wrath.

However, while I don't quarrel with the sentiment of his administration's new slogan -- "Winning the Future" -- in the world of propaganda and buzz word-inventing, this grouping of words is a big fat dud. It reads like a subhead in a boring report that somehow got bloated into being the title.

"Winning the Future" is being mocked; it deserves just that. It sounds like a concept about striving that got focus-grouped out of shape. It vaguely resembles something from Newspeak in Orwell's "1984."

Although I love the strategy of going all upbeat and optimistic on the Republicans, with their rhetoric of doom, but the president's new slogan needs to be 86'd sooner than later. Call the printer ... cancel the bumper stickers.

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