Thursday, April 22, 2010

Allen, still kicking it

Former Sen. George Allen was the featured speaker at yesterday’s Shad Planking in Wakefield. According to Jim Nolan’s RT-D article about the annual outdoor political junkies’ party, where attendees pretend to enjoy eating the boney fish slow-cooked on a board, Allen’s future as a candidate was a hot topic in the drizzle.

Looking to paint over his gaffe-fueled meltdown in the 2006 senatorial race he lost to Sen. Jim Webb, Allen apparently tried to align himself with the Tea Party movement. And, he signed some hats.
Allen made reference to the gaffe yesterday, when he speculated that the reason Shad Planking organizers had asked him to speak this year was because "they wanted to make sure they were on YouTube."

There were no slipups this time, save perhaps the baseball caps being circulated by former aide Tucker Watkins that Allen signed. Emblazoned with an American flag, Allen's name and the words "Take our country back," the hats were made in China.

Click here to read the entire piece.

Obviously, I couldn't resist recycling my old 'toon of Allen from the 2006 campaign.

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Anonymous said...

I have Allen's entire speech up on my blog. It was, um, interesting.