Sunday, January 09, 2011

Inflammatory rhetoric is heard by all who listen

Instead of dwelling on particular connections we might cherry-pick, between Sarah Palin’s irresponsible rhetoric and yesterday‘s shootings in Arizona, we should just accept that everything is connected. Every word that appears in print/is heard on television has the potential to inspire a reader/listener. Every image has the potential to influence a viewer.

So what was wrong with Palin’s “gun sight” strategy map was wrong before the bullets started flying. Clearly, Palin the campaigner was more interested in striking a sassy pose for her fans than she was in trying to be a responsible leader. Before the shootings in Tucson, she and her followers laughed at those who criticized her use of firearms metaphors. Now web pages are being scrubbed to remove what were Palin’s deliberately provocative poses.

That doesn’t mean Palin’s influence was what drove a deranged man to gun down a congresswoman and anyone near her. Combing through a madman’s papers and actions for a singular motive is unlikely to prove much. So trying to paint the shooter as a liberal or conservative, gone wrong, isn’t likely to solve a mystery, or make sense of senseless actions.

What we should remember is that inflammatory rhetoric about using bullets to solve political differences will be heard by good citizens, as well as some unhinged individuals bent on payback. It will be heard by the wicked, too.

Everything is connected.


Anonymous said...

The Daily Kos ran a graphic with Bulls-eyes drawn over the names of all moderate-centrist congressional candidates they deemed not worthy of reelection in 2008, including Rep. Giffords. I see no one talking about that? Or is that too inconvenient to mention?

Bert Holland said...

Good piece, Terry. Thanks,

Anonymous said...

"Jumping the gun, to turn the Ft. Hood shootings into a political issue, is a shameless game. It's also a dangerous game -- it could get more people killed.

With much of what will eventually be known about the background and crimes of the shooter -- Major Nidal Hasan, a psychiatrist in the U.S. Army, has been charged -- still to be revealed, some folks are already forging the shooting spree into a tool with which to bludgeon President Barack Obama."

Your own words, Mr. Rea, urging restraint after the Fort Hood shootings. Where's the restraint now? Who's bludgeoning Sarah Palin? You area hypocrite and a fool. Back to nursery school.

F.T. Rea said...

Anonymous, yes, we understand that Dittoheads and Tea Party loyalists believe they have become the true victims in this story. Poor bludgeoned Sarah.

Anonymous said...

you are a misogynist - first you stalk Christine O'Donnell then you do the same to Palin, but your man-child President gets a pass, as does the terrorist Hassan.We see where your loyalties lie.

F.T. Rea said...

Anonymous (10:36), And, I'm not that crazy about Hillary Clinton, either.

Now, what do you have against man-children?