Saturday, May 08, 2010

What does 'I want my country back' mean?

At the web site t r u t h o u t, "The Motto of Mad Men" by David Sirota examines the slogan being made popular by the Tea Party -- "I want my country back."
But then, that's the marketing virtuosity of the "I Want My Country Back" slogan. A motto that would be called treasonous if uttered by throngs of blacks, Latinos or Native Americans has been deftly sculpted by conservatives into an accepted clarion call for white power. Cloaked in the proud patois of patriotism and protest, the refrain has become a dog whistle to a Caucasian population that feels threatened by impending demographic and public policy changes.
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Anonymous said...

good Lord your comments are racist. To attribute such a meaning to that phrase is ridiculous.