Monday, May 24, 2010

Does Blumenthal have '70s-Fibs Tourette’s?

Connecticut's beleaguered attorney general Richard Blumenthal, 64, has issued an apology for his repeated bogus claim that he served in Vietnam during the war. The Connecticut Democratic U.S. Senate candidate has been under fire over the last week for what he now says were misstatements.
Blumenthal, Connecticut's attorney general, received the Democratic nomination for the Senate race Friday. Blumenthal, who served stateside in the Marine Reserve during Vietnam, says he unintentionally said he served "in" Vietnam when he meant "during" Vietnam.
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But perhaps Blumenthal's critics should cut him some slack; he may not be able to help himself. It's possible Blumenthal is suffering from a particular disorder, more common to his age group than some might realize.

It’s a special Baby Boomer version of Tourette Syndrome known as "1970s-Fibs Tourette’s.”

Perhaps the most common fib for those suffering from this syndrome has been: “Sure, man, I was at Woodstock. Stayed away from the brown acid, too.”

It was like millions of Boomers seeking ultra-hippie status in the ‘70 couldn’t help themselves. I knew one guy who claimed he edited the well-known documentary film on the festival. Same guy also used to claim he was a member of a band (Count Five) he was never in.

The wannabe dangerous dude, saying he went to Vietnam, was another of the most popular of the ‘70s fibs. This one was a little more dangerous than the Woodstock thing; it could get your ass kicked if you lied about going to Vietnam in front of the right veteran in the wrong bar.

Blumenthal may have apologized for what may have been his syndrome-driven slips of the tongue, however many there were. But he’d still be smart to stay out of the wrong bar.

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