Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How worrisome is the Tea Party's anger?

In "Yearning for an America that's Gone," Leonard Pitts looks at some polling data about the Tea Party's following.
Thanks to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, we now have a statistical picture of the tea party movement. There are few surprises. It turns out that not quite 20 percent of Americans are tea party supporters. They tend to be white, Republican, male, over 45 and wealthier than the rest of us. Fifty-seven percent hold a favorable opinion of George W. Bush. And where most Republicans describe themselves as "dissatisfied" with Washington, tea partiers are apt to use a different term. They say they're angry.


James Young said...

Perhaps if there were some "so-called 'responsible' [Liberal]e leaders who [were] preaching restraint and moderation," people wouldn't be "angry."

I guess the analysis good enough for Islamicists doesn't apply to Americans.

Anonymous said...

Go here for pictures of those racist, violent Tea Party zealots that had to have the swat team called out. Crazy blue hairs!