Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Top Five 'Where was Doug' locations?

Since we still don't know – nobody's talking, on the record -- what are the five most likely places Mayor Doug Wilder was on Monday, instead of at the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial unveiling at Capitol Square?

It seems Hizzoner was out of town, doing something his spokesperson Linwood Norman couldn't remember, when asked.

But it was a trip that had been planned for a long time, assured Norman.

Below the reader will find SLANTblog's top five guesses as to where Doug was when the words of Julian Bond and Nikki Giovanni rang out to celebrate the day that told Sen. Harry F. Byrd's statue to get used to its new neighbors on the grounds.

Where was Doug?:
  • In Fredericksburg having important discussions about the Slave Museum project, which can't seem to get off the back burner.
  • In his Charles City County home, Googling for dirt on the familiar list of names that he routinely refuses to appear in the same room with, no matter what the occasion.
  • In an undisclosed small town, talking with people who won't be quoted --- don't take a picture or they will have to break your camera -- about bringing a new minor league baseball team to Richmond.
  • In an undisclosed, Chiocca's-like neighborhood dive, in an undisclosed neighborhood, having a quiet lunch with Patricia Kluge, an old friend who has the dough to finance a righteous art project if she wanted to.
  • In an undisclosed artist's studio, posing for the speculative sketches to be used to make a bronze statue of him for the corner of Meadow St. and Monument Ave.
-- Words and photo by F.T. Rea

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