Friday, July 11, 2008

Flip floping away

It’s started again. It’s not my imagination, I know “flip flop” has been spoken, or written, in nearly every news story about the presidential campaign for the last week, or so. Usually several times.

Here a flip flopper, there a flip flopper ... flip flopping away. If everybody's doing the flip flop, what's the point? What the hell is a flip flopper, anyway?

Here’s my take: Simply put, it’s a term used by someone who wants stick a pejorative tag on a politician they want to injure. Moreover, it’s a hackneyed label that users will repeat incessantly, hoping it will stick to that politician, even a little bit — usually it has nothing to do with how appropriate it is.

Furthermore, the partisan users of that copycat put-down, regardless of their affiliation, could care less how obnoxious they sound. They seem to think being obnoxious is their civic duty.

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