Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Silly Season right on schedule

If one believes the cable TV news stations and certain elements of the political blogosphere, Sen. Barack Obama has turned his back on many of those who supported him in his effort to secure the Democratic nomination. Obama is now being cast as a man so hungry for the power of the presidency he will take any position, break any promise, to win.

OK, first let's deal with the media. July and August make up the “silly season” for politics, especially in a presidential election year. We're between the end of the primaries and the opening of the conventions.

Why the two political parties have put nearly three months of nothing happening into the system to select their nominees is beyond me. Little good can come of it. But plenty of mischief can and will unfold. So, the CNNs and MSNBCs are left to say “Not much happened today,” or they can pretend something did happen and report it accordingly.

Then MSNBC can talk about what CNN just said, and CNN can return the favor. They know Obama hasn't really changed his position on Iraq, or gun ownership. But they can report that a surrogate for Sen. John McCain says he did.

Yes, the reporters also know Obama has taken positions in the past that allowed him to work across the aisle, but to make a fuss they are suggesting he's moving to the right, now, in an opportunistic effort to shed his liberal skin.

Unfortunately, such stories have scared some of Obama's supporters. They shouldn't, but they do.

Perhaps it's somewhat understandable, though, because after 2006, everyone in politics wonders when the next candidate will meltdown before our very eyes, like former Sen. George Allen did. The media are ever at the ready to report the next Macaca Moment.

Then there's the shameless political blogosphere. There are still crazy supporters of Sen. Hillary Clinton who are trashing Obama, because they still think they can sabotage him, then have him replaced by Clinton. And, there are McCain supporters who are willing to claim Obama is a Muslim spy, bent on delivering the USA to his overlords in a hand-basket.

Meanwhile, Obama keeps on keeping on. He calmly weathers each storm that comes along. Then, when it passes, he inevitably seems stronger after the test. Did you catch any of that interview with him that included his wife and daughters? If the four Obamas could have seemed a more charming family, I don't know how.

Now copycat bloggers are saying, saying, saying that no one, no one, no one wants to be on the ticket with Obama as his running mate. Others insist he select Clinton to run for vice president, or else...

Yes, there's a reason this time in a presidential election year is called the silly season.

So, I'm going to make myself another Hanover tomato sandwich and maybe write a post about blue jays or live music. Mostly, I'm going to laugh off whatever Hillary's Howlers or McCain's Mudslingers say about Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan - I'd rather have a nice sandwich than to listen/read all the junk out there!