Friday, July 25, 2008

Demonstration against war/for impeachement set

The notice below concerns serious matters and I'm pretty sure I agree with most of what the organizers of the event it describes are trying to put forth. But I must also say that staging an anti-war rally in front of Media General's offices seems to be a stretch. Maybe the organizers are hoping it will get them extra publicity if they take their case to the doorstep of the inky mainstream media.

In the past, demonstrations of this nature have been held in Monroe Park. Sometimes the demonstrators would march down to Capitol Square. Those are public places.

Other protests have targeted specific companies for specific grievances, to do with how they did business. So, while blocking the road to Dominion Power might get you arrested, it makes sense to go directly to the people who are making the decisions that the activists want to protest.

Targeting Richmond's local daily newspaper's reporting as the bulls-eye in this case does nothing to bolster the demonstrators calls for peace or impeachment. Instead it seems to be trying to harness a general sentiment against the Richmond Times-Dispatch for leaning to the right with most of what it prints on its Editorial and OpEd pages.

However, I'd rather see this event happen than not happen. So here is the information you need to know to participate/observe:
Notice: Richmond-area residents will gather outside the offices of the Richmond Times-Dispatch to demonstrate their opposition to an attack on Iran and to voice their outrage at the Media General newspaper’s increasingly incendiary stories and headlines about what it is projecting as a near-certain war with Iran.

Protesters will also call for an end to the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney – a move they see as essential to imposing a penalty for the illegal attack on Iraq and to discourage future attacks on Iran or elsewhere.

When: Saturday, July 26, at 1 p.m. (full crowd expected by 1:20 PM)

Where: Outside the offices of the Richmond Times-Dispatch at 300 E. Franklin St.

What: Protesters with signs, banners and noise-makers will call for “No War on Iran,” “Out of Iraq and Afghanistan” and “Impeach Bush and Cheney.” They will also demand the Richmond Times-Dispatch print news and not war propaganda. Speakers will discuss the impact of war on our community. In addition, they will present steps for citizens to take to help stop war and redirect needed resources to meet human needs. Participants will write messages to the media in chalk on the sidewalk.

Who: This rally was initiated by RVA4Peace and is being supported by the Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality and the Richmond Peace Education Center.
The information above was provided by RVA4Peace. For more info contact Chris Dorsey, RVA4Peace, (804)564-1491, or Rain Burroughs, Virginia Anti-War Network (804) 240-4206 –

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