Monday, June 04, 2007

Remembering the Goddess

This goddess stood 33 feet tall in the Fan District in June of 1989

To read about one of the coolest things ever to happen in the Fan District, art-wise -- a spontaneous gesture that nobody made a penny out of -- go to the Fan District Hub to read "The Goddess of June 4, 1989."

"...Subsequently, on June 4, 1989, following orders, the People’s Liberation Army charged in to put an end to the demonstration. Mayhem ensued. Made of chicken wire and plaster the Goddess was destroyed during the brutal routing of the protestors that had remained to the end, in defiance. Although reports varied widely, hundreds, if not thousands, were killed. As the drama played out on television, via satellite, the events shocked the world.

"As their art student counterparts in China had been murdered in the shadow of their 33-foot-tall sculpture, in Richmond a group of VCU-affiliated artists heard the call of inspiration to stand with those who had fallen. They knew they had to build a replica of the lost Goddess. The impromptu team of local artists worked around the clock for the next couple of days to give form to the rising tribute to the courage of those who had perished for freedom of expression.

"While the project was not sponsored by the school, wisely, VCU did nothing to discourage the gesture."

Click here to read "The Goddess of June 4, 1989."

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