Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Best Democratic ticket?

Hillary Clinton does a good job of representing New York in the US Senate. Still, I hope she does not get the Democratic nomination to run for president. She’s just carrying too much baggage. With her on the ticket it would surely turn the campaign’s focus to the past. Democrats need to think and talk about the future.

Among the other serious contenders, right now I like Bill Richardson the best. But I would have no trouble supporting John Edwards or Barack Obama. Which of the three would run a stronger race is another matter. Then, of course, there’s Al Gore ... is he running, or what? Again, I hope not. More heavy baggage.

Maybe the strongest ticket would be Obama/Richardson?


Anonymous said...

Ralph Nader promises to run if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Party candidate.

I don't want to hear any complaints, because the Republicrats have had 8 years to implement reforms like instant run-off voting.

ajc said...

Before you have this discussion, you have to talk about how critical it is for Virginia to elect a Democratic majority in the State Senate this year.

If we don't do that, the flat-earth, ignorant children and decaying roads zealots are going to turn Virginia into a forced pregnancy zone. *shudder*

You've got to love Edwards' candidacy. He's taking well-considered, principled stands and communicating them with energy and charisma. The recent poll of young voters, gets me jazzed about a Clinton/Obama ticket, which I think has great potential for a great 16 year run of Democrats in the White House. With my focus on the states, however, I see Hillary's negatives dragging on down-ticket races unless she surges with independents after the primary.

I think any of the leading announced Dems or Al Gore will wipe the floor with the amatures the Republicans have carrying their banner this time around. Giulian's a scandal magnet, and neither he nor Romney have a single believeable position between them. McCain is practically out of the race at this point, and anyone who buys Fred Thompson's schtick is a grade A sucker.

When all's said and done, I'm voting Gorebama '08, if I get the chance.