Monday, June 04, 2007

Blogging karma

Seems this week’s theme in the political blogosphere might be -- what-goes-around-still-comes-around. That is because it has come to pass that at least two of the loudest and frequently most obnoxious voices among Virginia’s high-profile political bloggers are getting a strong dose of payback served their way. Payback that many would consider long overdue.

Ben Tribbett, the publisher of the Not Larry Sabato blog, takes a hammering from Jason Kenney in his post at J’s Notes, “A Carnival of Credibility.

Kenney closes with this:

“...In order to work on ethics and credibility in the Virginia blogosphere, we need to be ready to call out those with questionable ethics and credibility. Until we take our worst elements to task for lowering the bar, we are simply continuing to allow them to poison the well. The time has come for the Virginia Blogosphere is starting to take those elements to task and they're answering the call.”

At Richmond Democrat, J.C. Wilmore pulls no punches in his post, “The secret life of Dr. Kurt Michael,” which focuses on the man who is purported to be behind the notorious blog, General Grievous’ Dog.

“...Dr. Kurt Michael's blogging style was characterized by the use of scatalogical humor. He often portrayed his enemies sitting on toilets or wearing diapers. His victims included both Republicans like Shaun Kenney and Democrats like Waldo Jaquith and Phriendly Jaime. Kurt Michael liked to post his personal attacks on other bloggers while hiding behind a screen of anonymity, showing himself to be both a bully and a coward.”

Lowell Feld of Raising Kaine weighs in on the current flap with his post, “Republicans Gone Wild!!!

“...What's most amazing about this whole “SWAC” situation is that at least two of them - Staunton Republican committee chair Ann Taetzsch and Augusta County Republican committee chair Kurt Michael actually are high-ranking Republican Party officials. Is this what Ed Gillespie signed on for when he came to Virginia to run this insane asylum state Republican Party?

Now let the blustery denials and countercharges begin...


Anonymous said...

NLS has sworn in the past to destroy anyone that attacks him and the SWACers have proven somewhat effective in making peoples lives living hells when they cross them. Ethical bloggers need to stand together in the face of these threats if they're to win out.

Andrew said...

They seek him here,
They seek him there,
Those Dems just seek him everywhere.
Is he in heaven, hell,
Or in a great fog?
That demmed, elusive, General Grievous' Dog.

Odd's fish, your party's 'outting' of the Dog was off base. Look elsewhere, because you've been given the slip....

F.T. Rea said...


What NLS and the SWACsters have in common is that they like to bully the poor souls they can.

My worries don't include what either can do to me.


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