Saturday, June 02, 2007

Anthony Grant in fives: should I stay or should I go?

While VCU basketball fans wait for word of whether the University of Florida has convinced Anthony Grant to turn his back on the Rams, we might as well try to put ourselves in his shoes. So, why would Grant, VCU men's head basketball coach, want to return to Gainesville, Florida, to coach the Gators?

1. He lived there for 10 years when he worked as an assistant coach on Billy Donovan’s staff, and he likes it there.

2. He is going to be paid a yearly salary of a million dollars, or more, which is more than double what he is now making at VCU.

3. He is from Florida, actually Miami, and he has a network of friends and contacts there.

4. Florida has won two straight national championships, which means it has a momentum that makes it one of the premiere programs in the country.

5. Everyone expects him to take the offer from Florida.

OK, now why would Anthony Grant shock the sporting world and turn Florida down, to stay at VCU?

1. He lived in Gaineville, Florida for a decade and maybe that’s enough.

2. He is absolutely confident he will get other offers in the future that will equal or top Florida’s.

3. He likes working at VCU, likes Richmond, and he wants to coach the particular players he will have here next season.

4. Florida has won two straight national championships. Which means following Donovan will be something like following Dean Smith at North Carolina, or Bobby Knight at Indiana -- meaning nothing will please some of those who see now Donovan as a saint.

5. Everyone expects him to take the offer from Florida.

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