Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tech students give media a deadline to scram

On Tuesday one of MSNBC’s rent-an-expert talking heads told Tucker Carlson the Virginia Tech students were being comforted by the wall-to-wall presence of the media in Blacksburg. Carlson had set up the comment by saying he’d never seen quite such an gathering of the working press with all their accouterments.

“It’s seen as more of a show of respect,” said the shill, “this isn’t a media circus.”

Well, now the students have apparently had enough of that brand of respect. The Washington Post reports that the students at Virginia Tech have given the inquisitors with their media trucks a deadline to leave their campus:

“Virginia Tech’s student government has asked that all journalists leave campus by 5 a.m. tomorrow [Monday], according to a statement issued by a spokeswoman.”

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Not Guy Incognito said...

Interesting stuff.

As a member of the working press, I have a few thoughts about the press and its role in Blacksburg.