Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bush seen as anxious and irrelevant

Georgie Anne Geyer’s “President Keeps Low Profile in Days of High Anxiety” tells the story of an isolated president who isn’t showing his face in DeeCee these days.

“George W. is the man who isn’t there this spring in Washington. Oh, you can easily glimpse him on TV, his increasingly troubled visage close to obsessive as he repeats the same old message that we will win in Iraq and then.... But it is becoming increasingly clear that no one pays attention to the Texan with the destructive ambitions anymore -- and that the nation’s view of Iraq has undergone a massive and important transformation.

“Anecdotally, I happen to be a member of the journalists’ club the Gridiron, which puts on a satiric dinner show of American politicos every spring. Because the presence and speeches of American presidents are a staple of the dinner, it is usually a matter of considerable voiced disappointment, and indignation, when one does not attend.

“President Bush did not come this year, yet in weeks of rehearsals, I heard not a single word about his decision. It mattered that Vice President Cheney, considered the real power broker, came and spoke -- and he did -- but the president was irrelevant...

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