Thursday, April 05, 2007

A media day look at the R-Braves

The Richmond Braves open their International League season today in Buffalo. Click here to read my piece on the 2007 R-Braves on

“...Brundage remains somewhat of a sports legend in his home state of Oregon. In high school he made all-state in football, basketball and baseball. On the practice field, the 42-year-old Brundage looked like a man who still wanted to play the game, rather than sit in the dugout and manage. As a nine-year minor league manager in the Seattle Mariners system, his overall record was 653-605.

“The field itself looked marvelous. Braves general manager Bruce Baldwin was happy to go on record regarding its condition: ‘It’s in the best shape I’ve seen it in, ever. That’s due to Gerry Huppmann [the manager of field maintenance].’

“As the players tossed baseballs back and forth and then took fielding practice, in the stands among the fans the watchful eye of Andrew J. Tutka, Sr. scanned the familiar scene. Tutka has taken in a lot of Braves baseball during his 21 years as a box seat customer at The Diamond. Hey, since he turns 91 next month, Tutka has seen a lot of baseball, period.”
Photo: F.T. Rea

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