Friday, May 16, 2014

Stadium Boosters' Fear is Spawning Desperation

On the surface, the dogged boosters for baseball in the Bottom don’t seem to be embarrassed or dissuaded by the series of recent revelations about the squirrelly nature of the mayor’s so-called “revitalization” plan -- important details remain hidden; announced details keep changing. Nonetheless, fear is spawning desperation within the ranks of Mayor Dwight Jones’ ravenous co-conspirators, busy hired hands and passionate sycophants.

So the boosters try to appear unmoved by how obvious it has become that in spite of the LovingRVA propaganda splash during the winter, the vast majority of Richmonders still oppose the building of a baseball stadium in Shockoe Bottom.

City Hall's team of cheerleaders seems quite aware that the referendum push from the Citizens Referendum Group is gathering momentum. They have to worry about its potential to snuff out their fantasies about a stadium surrounded by saloons. Their gnawing fear has some of them openly ridiculing the majority-rules concept upon which our entire system of government rests.

Hey, when you flinch to stiff-arm students carrying signs opposing the stadium plan, because it steals money from public education, your cause is not all that well served. Honest people know the kids are right. But when you’re actually willing to make democracy, itself, your enemy, you're going into a death spiral.

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