Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Shockoe Tipping Point

Next year, when we look back on what events slayed the baseball in the Bottom dragon, it's likely we will see the tipping point as having been two weeks ago. Yes, after a decade of back and forth, it took voices from the future -- school children -- to reveal the truth about Mayor Dwight Jones' so-called "revitalization" plan.
On the morning of Monday, April 28, a student walkout demonstration focused the media spotlight on the city's skewed spending priorities — spending priorities that seem to be stealing money from the proper upkeep of public school facilities. And stealing to pay for the stadium deal in Shockoe Bottom, which has had too many secrets associated with it.  

Click here to read the entire piece, "The Ballpark Ballot," penned by yours truly for STYLE Weekly.

For another view of the issue click here to read “The Kimonos Are Opening in Richmond,” by Peter Galuszka at Bacon's Rebellion.

Here’s some truth, neat, no chaser: The Democrats who are supporting Mayor Jones’ plan, because he’s a Democrat, are showing us how loyalty to labels can lead to the betrayal of principles. Think about it: How can good Democrats support a plan that steals from public education to build something most Richmonders clearly don’t want? How can good Democrats be in favor of trivializing Shockoe Bottom’s history in the way Jones is advocating?

Isn’t socializing corporate risk more of a Republican tactic? 

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