Monday, May 05, 2014

Is Jones Losing His Grip on Baseball's Location?

Last week was tough on Mayor Dwight Jones. This week hasn't started out well, either. 

In “Rebkee to Richmond: Offered Stadium Plan as ‘Lifeline’” the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports on a “sharply worded” letter from the potential developer of a stadium on the Boulevard. From the letter (signed by Robert W. Hargett and Kevin T. McFadden of Rebkee's Co.) to Mayor Jones and members of City Council:
The mayor has made it abundantly clear that he does not need or want an alternative in the event the land acquisition and developer contracts for the Shockoe Bottom project do not materialize.
Click here to read the entire article.

And, also today, there’s this piece, “Ballpark or Bust,” from STYLEWeekly:
During the weekend, Jones shot back with a promise to veto the change. But in the vote to cut the funding, councilmen with two key swing votes signaled that they’re leaning away from the Shockoe Bottom stadium plan. Making matters worse for Jones, his administration has struggled to finalize the terms of the stadium deal in the Bottom with private developers. Jones had said the agreement would be completed more than two months ago.
Click here to read that piece in its entirety.

Jones has been reduced to threatening to use his veto power to bully a City Council that seems to be developing a mind of its own. With this story from WTVR on top of the rest he seems to be losing his grip on how this is playing out.

For information about the referendum petition drive now ongoing by the Citizens Referendum Group click here.

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