Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Who's afraid of Chairman Kaine?

A George Allen flack, Bill Riggs, sends me email every day. Somehow I got on his list. Every time Riggs refers to Tim Kaine, he calls him “Chairman Kaine.” The subject line today read: In Case Chairman Kaine Missed It …

Apparently, somebody in Allen’s camp focus-grouped the gimmick and came away thinking that it will play against Kaine, who is a former mayor, lieutenant governor and governor. Who knows? Maybe it will.

Maybe Allen's professional propagandists want to remind Virginians that Kaine most recently served as the chair of the National Democratic Committee.

Maybe it's an oblique reference to the classic movie, "Citizen Kane," whatever that reach might be worth. Wasn't the main character, Charles Foster Kane, a failed politician?

Maybe they think it sounds vaguely like Kaine is a secret Chinese communist boss.

Or, maybe they just think it will annoy Democrats to say “Chairman Kaine,” over and over. After all, it's not so different from saying "the Democrat Party," over and over. Anyway, Riggs is doing it and I expect to see others chime in.

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