Friday, March 04, 2011

What taking the Palin Pledge taught me

As February is over, it's OK for me to mention Sarah Palin. You see, following Dana Milbank's lead, I took the pledge back in January to go all of February without writing about Palin. I went even further, I swore not to mention her name or even acknowledge her existence.

It wasn't always easy. There was this hilarious provocation from Gina Gershon (as pictured above). Do yourself a favor, click on the link and watch Gershon's two-minute video.

But I made it. Not a peep out of me about Palin. And aside from not boring my friends on the Frisbee-golf course with my rants about Palin, what good did it do to ignore her?

Well, I came to realize that it's often liberals who keep Palin at the top of the political news. Until February she could count on the reactions to her lowbrow provocations from liberal commentators and bloggers, etc., to make her seem relevant. Then the bubble popped.

Moreover, Palin is hardly the only one playing that game. Why should liberals promote what a blivet like Rush Limbaugh says about Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign? Why should liberals promote what Glenn Beck says about anything? Most of the time magnifying their reach by venting about how silly and mean they can be is only doing them a favor.

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Anonymous said...

News from Doswell was right - you could not keep off the Palin pledge. Going back on the junk after only 28 days represents a major fail.