Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SLANTblog's VA Top Five: Mar. 15

Each Tuesday SLANTblog publishes its new Virginia Top Five. For the fourth consecutive season this feature attempts to rank what seem at the moment to be the best five teams from among the 14 Division I programs in the Commonwealth.

SLANTblog's VA Top Five

1. ODU (27-6; No. 20 RPI)
2. Mason (26-6; No. 24 RPI)
3. Richmond (27-7; No. 42 RPI)
4. VCU (23-11; No. 48 RPI)
5. Va. Tech (21-11; No. 61 RPI)

This edition of the Top Five concludes this season's weekly posts. Congratulations to the five Virginia schools that made it to the NCAA tournament's list of invitees. They are Hampton, Mason, ODU, Richmond and VCU. Va. Tech received a bid to the NIT.

Note: Only games against Division I opponents are counted in won/loss records. And, recent results matter more than games played in the early weeks of the season. The RPI numbers are from CBS Sports.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

Let's see which of these schools upholds the, "One and Done" tradition of the CAA in tournament play?

F.T. Rea said...

You mean like VCU beating Duke in '07? Or Mason's run to the Final Four in 2006?