Monday, March 21, 2011

Keep on Dancing

Cue the theme for today: "Keep on Dancing," with Larry Raspberry as the principal vocalist, was a 1965 hit single by the Gentrys.

The Spiders and the Rams will be dancing in San Antonio on Friday night. To read my new piece on the amazing run these two local basketball programs have made in the NCAA men's basketball tournament click here.

Click here to read “NCAA tournament gives VCU and Richmond something in common” by Steve Yanda for the Washington Post.

Click here to read "Rams befuddle opponents and experts, alike" at the Fan District Hub.


J. Tyler Ballance said...

While few locals can relate to any of the goings on over at the Richmond Center for Leftist Indoctrination (U of R) since it is just a bunch of rich punks from New Jersey and New York, the spirit of the entire city of Richmond will surely be behind VCU.

A few posts ago, I wondered which of the three CAA teams would uphold the, "one and done" tradition of their conference.

It has been a joyful surprise to see VCU be the team that has blazed its first trail into the sweet sixteen, and with the exception of a past Mason team, is single-handedly raising the reputation of the, heretofore lowly regarded, CAA.

Let's all hope that the Rams continue to ride their current wave of success, all the way to the National Championship!

Anonymous said...

speak for yourself Tyler... I'll be rooting for UR. VCU and it's students are a stain on downtown Richmond.