Monday, November 02, 2009

SLANTblog election guide

Links to pieces that I've written about this season's politics and elections, as they matter to Richmonders, are below:

"Local Elections Tuesday" (Nov. 2) at -- click here.

"Democrats, Over Easy" (Nov. 1) at SLANTblog -- click here.

"Deeds vs. McDonnell: The Rematch" (Oct. 26) at -- click here.

"The Quiet Majority" (Oct. 23) at Virginia Free Press -- click here.

"McDonnell's Rev. Wright-like Problem" (Oct. 19) at SLANTblog -- click here.

"This View Is Our View" (Oct. 13) at -- click here.

"Deeds, McDonnell and Dog Days Polls" (Aug. 6) at -- click here.

Candidates official web sites

Deeds campaign web site:
McDonnell campaign web site:
Bolling campaign web site:
Wagner campaign web site:
Cuccinelli campaign web site:
Shannon campaign web site:

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