Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flying disc news: Hoppers trounce Nichs

Hoppers captain Jack Richardson with the Easy Rider Cup in hand

The group of disc golfers (some of us still call the game Frisbee-golf) that I've been a part of since the mid-1970s is known as the GRFGA. We play on unmarked object courses (trees, poles, etc., serve as targets) in Byrd Park and Maymont.

Once a year the group divides into two teams to play a tournament modeled after the Ryder Cup in professional golf. Our tournament is called the Easy Rider Cup; it consists of three nine-hole rounds, both partners and singles, played over two days. One player on a team serves as the captain each time. The two team captains decide which courses to play and assign the individual match-ups.

With baffling consistency, the four previous Easy Rider tournaments were won by the Nichs team (after Jack Nicholson).

On Sunday, November 22, for the first time, the Hoppers (after Dennis Hopper) won: 13 matches won to 11 matches won. It was the singles round, which is always the last to be played, that made the difference. By the way, your reporter and the photographer are Hoppers.

After the tournament some of the disc-throwing golfers went over to Colleen Dee's to consume a feast and watch the Redskins at Cowboys game fizzle. For desert we gobbled up the winners' cake, baked just for the occasion by Andrew Potterfield, who won all three of his matches. Both Colleen and Andrew are Hoppers, too.

-- Photos by Steve Macaulay


Tom M said...

Congratulations to the Hoppers. The whole weekend was a great time.
In my humble opinion, it's the best event of the year in the GRFGA.
Our plan of stuffing Andrew with tequila and qualudes fell by the wayside.
The Nich teams has always been humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Conratulations Hoppers.

F.T. Rea said...


Yes, I've seen all those humble and gracious "Go Nichs!" signs gracing the trees and so forth, each time.

Anonymous said...

We are a Fun group of golfers! Don't forget about the fundraiser for Maymont; the Maymont Open is happening on December 13 at the Harrison Street Entrance. Tee off at 9:30 - so arrive at 9:00 to secure a place in the 26th Annual Event. Glen Todd is Directing.
Thank you Ace reporter, FTRea!
L, Gracie