Tuesday, November 24, 2009

81 seasons at UR Stadium

At Richmond.com there’s a story up about Richmond beating Wm. & Mary on Saturday (13-10) that I wrote; the piece also looks at some of the colorful history of UR Stadium. For instance:

The advance notices for the two-day rock festival announced it would be a “No Hassles” event, which in the vernacular of the day meant marijuana-smoking would be ignored by the authorities. However, it seems nobody told The City’s policemen on duty at the stadium about ignoring anything, especially marijuana smoking. So, on the event’s first day there were hassles aplenty. When the cops began pulling what they saw as law-breaking pot smokers out of the stands, some of the bare-chested hippies resisted. Other young attendees came to the rescue and a battle started. A full-fledged four-hour riot ensued. Police cars were destroyed and heads were bloodied.

Click here to read the story, “Spiders Outlast Tribe: Ending an era at UR Stadium.”


Wyman Cabbot said...

Ah, the days when actual Virginians attended UR, back when a Richmond degree was worth something, and long before the place changed into, The Center for Leftist Indoctrination, where the perfumed princes of New York come to frolic away four or five years and about $200,000 dollars of daddy's money.

pigeater said...

When a Richmond degree was worth something?

Seems to me it's worth about $200,000 to the people running UofR!

At least you have to put forth a marginal effort to get one...unlike say, a Nobel Peace Prize.

Besides, it's a great place to store people who would otherwise glut the Wal-Mart greeter market. Remember, right wing extremists get prison or the chair, left wing extremists get tenure!