Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This View Is Our View

A proposed development on the northern bank of James River, Echo Harbour, has been in the local news for the last couple of years. At Richmond.com a new OpEd style piece I've written about that controversial project is up.
A campaign to convince City Council to give USP Echo Harbour what it wants has been underway. The developers have pointed at the money Richmond should rake in from new tax revenues. They’ve talked about the jobs their project will create. There’s nothing new about that tactic. True or false, all developers sing that same basic tune when they want special favors from governments.

It’s then up to the government, in this case City Council, to decide what is the greater good.

If the City allowed a hog farm to be established where the GRTC bus barns are now that would create jobs, too. No doubt, the promoters of such a ridiculous notion could blue sky the story of how the hog farm would impact the neighborhood.
Click here to read the entire piece, "This View Is Our View."

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