Monday, October 12, 2009

Deeds needs a home run

Going into tonight's televised gubernatorial debate, Republican candidate Bob McDonnell seems to be coasting to an easy victory. Depending on which recent poll you like, McDonnell has got a lead of eight to 11 points over Democratic hopeful Creigh Deeds.

After a stunning win in the June 9th Democratic primary over two Northern Virginia candidates, Terry McAuliffe and Brian Moran, Deeds has run a lackluster campaign that just hasn't caught on. Which has to make Democrats scratch their heads and wonder if either McAuliffe or Moran would have run a better campaign than Deeds has, so far, in the general election.

It also has to make some on Team Donkey wonder about whether primaries are such a good idea, these days.

And, in spite of the fact I was delighted when Deeds won in June, now I almost wonder why I thought he would be better suited to face McDonnell. About all the Deeds campaign has done to try to persuade voters to support its earnest but bland candidate is to say Deeds did not write the notorious McDonnell law school thesis.

Well, I doubt that's enough to get him elected. If he doesn't seize the moment tonight and make viewers/listeners trust him and like him, it appears it will be time to stick a fork in Mr. Deeds -- he will be done.

Moreover, tonight Deeds must say things that sound fresh. The same ol' same ol' won't get the job done. During tonight's debate (locally on WCVE-23 and WTVR-6) Deeds must make headlines with what he says and how he says it. Yes, barring a complete meltdown by McDonnell it's too late in the game for anything less than a home run.

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