Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Starr's dead dog

In today's Richmond Times-Dispatch we learned that a 16-year-old deaf and blind dog owned by Robin Starr died a week ago.
A dog belonging to Robin Starr, chief executive officer of the Richmond SPCA, died last week after being left alone for about four hours in her car.
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So far, there are 56 comments under the article. No doubt there will be many more. The comments range from sympathy to scathing condemnation. Some of the condemnation seems to reveal an intense dislike/hate for Starr that existed before this unfortunate incident.

Somehow, even Michael Vick gets tied to the story and that gets tangled up with whether or not Vick ought to be back in the NFL.

All of which strikes me as odd. It's odd to read about the kidney failure death of a 16-year-old mutt. Then again, if it's newsworthy at all, I have to wonder why it took a week for it to come out. I'd like to know what turned a rather private family matter into a talk-of-the-town story, also covered by

Who dropped a dime on Starr?

Of course, the irony that Richmond's most outspoken defender of the dignity of dogs would inadvertently contribute to her own pet dog's demise is striking. So, in a way I can see why the story is generating such interest.

But it's difficult to understand how some of those commenting can think it's proper and necessary to hurl such vitriol at two people who are heartbroken over their tragic mistake and their loss.

More irony? Today is National Dog Day -- click here.

Update: Click here to read a post by the Richmond SPCA.


Scott said...

Sadly, I think at least some of the rancor is left over from the vigorous debate over the SPCA's no-kill policy.

Regardless, I am sorry for Ms. Star and her family for their loss.

Animal issues seem to really stoke passions in Richmond, I mean even more so than have seen elsewhere. And it seems to be reoccurring-

Howard said...

Unfortantely for Starr, there will be lots of folks who see irony in regard to her situation...

Of course, this was an accident, she is human. After all, we are talking about a blind and deaf dog!

Still, I smell something a bit fishy with the husband's story. Hate to say it, but it sounds alot like hubby is "taking one" for the team...I'd do the same for my wife is she was in a similar situation, or held a similar postion...

So, the women who once openly condemded Mr. Vick for his henious treatment of animals, will now be condemded (by some people) too...

Irony? Indeed...

Anonymous said...

I think it's crap that there is no misdemeanor attached to this as a crime, and how can the organization ever advocate for a stiffer penalty if they let their leader walk away scot-free.

F.T. Rea said...

Anonymous, as far as I know it's not a crime to accidentally kill a dog, or any other kind of animal, for that matter. So, if you accidentally hit a deer with your car, it's not a crime.

Perhaps you are calling for a new law to be written.

Anonymous said...

Correct... IF there is a need for a new law dealing with neglect of a dog, or dogs in cars -- will the Richmond SPCA be a good advocate for making sure our protection laws are adaquate, or are they now tainted by having to protect a past event that (at the time) was found not to be a crime.