Thursday, August 27, 2009

Forty Years of Anecdotal Data About Pot

When marijuana-smoking became central to the hippie lifestyle in the late-1960s, getting caught with a couple of joints could get you 40 years behind bars. But pot flourished anyway.

While most of those who experimented with smoking weed eventually gave it up, there are plenty of old hippies still smoking it. Some have smoked it for something akin to a daily basis for 40 years, or more.

Thus, whatever will happen to them for subjecting their bodies to such an ordeal has happened. Where are the legions of disease-ridden pot-smokers?

In fact, whatever damage to society that widespread marijuana smoking for decades would cause has happened, too. And, while the penalties for smoking pot aren’t as harsh as they were 40 years ago, possessing, using, or selling it can still land you in the pokey.

It mystifies me why people continue to believe marijuana is a “gateway” to anything more than a sudden longing for a slice of apple pie and a little wedge of extra sharp cheddar on the side, with a nice cup of strong black coffee.

Why is the world does America have so many people in jail for drug-related crimes? Who does it serve? One person in jail for possession of marijuana is too many.

Perhaps the makers of the myriad of expensive mood-control drugs like Prozac know more about why pot stays illegal than I do.


vivianpaige said...

And those manufacturers know more than I do, too :)

Good post

Anonymous said...

Terry, why do you hate America?

Aren't you aware that encouraging pot-smoking is part of the Godlesscommunistplottounderminethemoralfiberofouryouth?
-- "Reefer Roy"