Sunday, May 24, 2009

Washington Post: 'Mr. Deeds on June 9'

The Washington Post likes Creigh Deeds in the three-way Democratic gubernatorial primary on June 9. This move bolsters the idea that the race has actually boiled down to either Deeds or Terry McAuliffe, making Brian Moran the odd man out.
The knock on Mr. Deeds is that he's a nice guy -- an odd insult. The implication is that he might not be forceful enough to push his agenda through a balky legislature. Our judgment, from watching Mr. Deeds over the years, is that he is more politically astute than his "aw, shucks" persona might suggest. He has carefully studied Democratic governors who have accomplished the most -- notably Mark R. Warner and Gerald L. Baliles -- and understands how they mixed reaching out with playing tough. He's better positioned to do both than either of his opponents.
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