Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Huff on Vick: 'turn him loose with the dogs'

Yesterday, at the Southern Conference's Hall of Fame ceremony in Spartansburg, Sam Huff said he made "$12,000" playing linebacker for the New York Giants in 1959, when he won the NFL's MVP award. The reliably outspoken Washington Redskins radio commentator played his college football in the 1950s at West Virginia.

According to an article in the Richmond Ties-Dispatch, among Huff's remarks on various topics he offered up what he saw as the cure for Michael Vick:

"I think they ought to turn him loose with the dogs," Huff said. "That's what I think of Michael Vick." Huff was among the Southern Conference's first Hall of Fame class, a group that included some of the greats of their sports such as golf's Arnold Palmer and basketball's Jerry West.

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In 1986 I met Sam Huff at a Redskins Monday night game and listened to him tell football stories to some young sports reporters that gathered around him. It was about three hours before the game was to start at RFK. Click here to see a short video from that day, made by a local TV station.

Anyway, for a good 20 minutes, or more, Huff was funny and quite open with his opinions as we killed some time. For instance, he was still pissed off at Conrad Dobler, a particularly offensive lineman (St. Louis Cardinals) he battled in the 1960s.

As I'm a lifelong Redskins fan, for decades I've listened to Huff's unbridled opinions about Washington's games and whatever else popped into his mind, as he played the comedy relief for his broadcast partner, Sonny Jurgensen.

So, I can well imagine how Huff sounded going off on Michael Vick. It doesn't surprise me at all that crusty old Huff, with his keen eye, would have no use for the likes of Mr. Vick.


James Young said...

I think the punishment proposed by the late Lewis Grizzard for Jim Bakker is even more apropos for Vick:

He shout be put in a room naked, with his hands tied behind his back, and a pork chop tied around his neck.

Along with for female pit bulls with extreme PMS.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, the man did time in federal prison, lost millions of dollars, and ruined his career.

Exactly when will he have paid his debt to society for his horrible actions?

Move on.