Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CenterStage secrets?

With CenterStage set to open in Sept. there are still lots of questions about how it will operate and why. Unfortunately, answers are sometimes in short supply.

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Scott said...

Hey F.T.,

I do not believe that the city owns the CenterStage facility (including the Carpenter Center)anymore. It is my understanding title was transferred to one of the private entities affiliated with the project in order to get the tax credit deal done. I believe the entity that now owns the facility is controlled by the tax credit investors. I did a FOIA request some months back and can send you docs if needed.

Also, that city ord preventing FOIA is bunk as Virginia law trumps city ordinances. If there is a document in the city's possession that doesn't fit one of the state's exceptions to FOIA, you still are entitled (and I've noticed that the city will still provide).

Anonymous said...

Why is the City investing in an entity it does not own?

Why does Richmond continue to hand out corporate welfare but can't fix its school buildings?

Mayor Jones, this is directed at you, sir.

F.T. Rea said...


It's my understanding that the City owns the Capenter Theatre; the CenterStage Foundation owns the rest of the complex. RPAC leases the works and runs the whole shebang. Then RPAC hires SMG to operate it.

Joel Katz said...

Very concise and very correct. Other than some Broadway bites, I have heard zero about high quality pop, rock, and/or cultural attractions being brought to the facilities. When the lights go down, its the programming that will set the standard.

Joel Katz said...

I marvel at the thought of SMG managing arts facilities. They failed at the Landmark in the 80s and the local org. is badly over worked and under appreciated by the leadership. In the fall, they will operate three venues with the skeleton staff now on board.

F.T. Rea said...




I've seen a document that blurs the ownership question, so I'm still looking into the question you raised.