Friday, May 11, 2007

R-Braves Setting the Pace

Setting the Pace,” at, takes a look at the first month of the R-Braves’ season.

“After putting up a dismal 57-88 record last season, what has happened to the once-moribund Richmond Braves? They are winning games in bunches!

“On opening day this season the brain trust of the Atlanta Braves had stocked the local roster with 11 new players who weren't in Richmond last year. In hope of improvement, it had hired a new manager, Dave Brundage (pictured right, hitting a ball to the outfielders during a practice). Of course, before each opening day in recent years, someone in the Atlanta Braves front office has dutifully announced that management intended to field a better product in Richmond...”

Click here to read the piece, penned by yours truly.
Photo: SLANT

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