Saturday, May 19, 2007

Celebrating Non-Violence


Tomorrw (Sunday) in Byrd Park an event called "Not With These Hands: A Greater Richmond Celebration of Non-Violence" will unfold between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. A wide variety of outdoor activities for citizens of all ages will be staged in the Dogwood Dell/Carillon area.

John Sarvay at Buttermilk and Molasses writes about the event and the organization staging it:

“I’m apparently a sucker for people who emerge from a dark experience to create something that offers the community light. The incredibly passionate people behind Not With These Hands continue to shine light on the issue of violence in our community, even as they celebrate the people and organizations who make a difference in the Richmond region...”

To read more of Sarvay's thoughts on Not With These Hands click here.

In "Pledging for Peace" Lisa Antonelli Bacon writes about the organization behind the event in Brick Weekly:

"Reactions were strange and unexpected. Some people smiled and mouthed 'I love you, too,' through closed car windows. Others rolled down windows to wave. One man took pictures with his cell phone. And one person (gender unknown) felt compelled to bare their bottom in a freezy attempt at mooning the four teenagers holding '' love you' signs at the corner of Belvedere and Broad on the afternoon of Jan. 30. Meanwhile, across the river, 100 people gathered at the Sacred Heart Center to pledge themselves to non-violence.

"Not With These Hands, which initiated the events, is more a spirit than an organization. 'This organization doesn’t do anything on its own,' says co-founder Kristin Hott, who created the group with Heidi Abbott and Carter Wellford following the murders of their friends, the Harvey family, last year."

Click here for more informatio about tommow's event in Bryd Park.

photo from Kristin Hott

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