Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogging trends

In Richmond two emerging trends blogging should be noted -- food/drink-based blogs and community blogging.

Accordingly, four Richmond-based blogs featuring eating topics, restaurant reviews and talk about wine are: Brandon Eats, MessyCuisine, Richmond Cellars and River City Food and Wine.

The Fan District Hub, published by yours truly, has recently become a part of the community blogs wave, which now includes five community blogs in the Richmond metro area. The other four being: Church Hill People’s News; Hills and Heights; Petersburg People’s News; West of the Boulevard News.


Kamen Lee said...

I am sure many view the West End as a breeding ground for morons and bad drivers, but I would love to see a West End blog show up. I live in a neighborhood in Innsbrook and have a blog, but I'm not sure I get enough of the scoops to make a WEBlog (West End Blog) successful.

F.T. Rea said...

Kamen Lee,

The West End is so large an area that it could probably be split into three or four community blogs. Maybe more.

Someone interested in community blogging should maybe focus on a distinct area of the West End with its own identity.