Friday, March 30, 2007

Why believe Bush on anything?

“We’re going to fix it,” said President George Bush, referring to the problems at Walter Reed.

Of Patriot Act abuses by the FBI, its director, Robert Mueller, has said, “we will correct the deficiencies.”

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has shrugged off being caught in a lie about the firings of U.S. attorneys. His memory is foggy.

The folks down in New Orleans are still waiting for what was promised to them after Hurricane Katrina.

We’re told the current policy in Iraq -- “the surge” -- isn’t the same thing as “stay the course,” so we should be patient and wait for the new strategy to work, which it will any day now. Meanwhile, the explosions continue, same as it ever was...

Why does anyone take the Bush administration’s word for anything?

It has been ignoring the needs of veterans for six years. It has been spying on Americans, as much as it wants, for as long as it has felt like it. It has defended the use of torture, while saying it does not torture prisoners. It will not withdraw troops from Iraq, no matter what happens over there, because Bush won’t ever say “enough is enough, let’s go home.”

The president is comfortable lying through his teeth and he has surrounded himself with the same. Such dishonest people will never do the right thing, unless they are forced to do so. It’s not about democracy or freedom. It’s all about business.

Continuing to pretend that Bush will change his ways because his approval rating has dipped is a joke. He doesn’t care. He is running out the clock and he plans to keep doing what he has been doing until he leaves office.

Still, a couple of mysteries remain: When, if ever, will the press stop coddling Bush and Cheney? On what day will Bush pardon Scooter Libby?

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Bill Garnett said...

I think the mystery is why "we the people" voted for George Bush -- twice.

Inarticulate, Ineffective, Incurious George