Friday, June 30, 2006

Time Capsules

As a jack-of-all-trades paid-by-the-word freelance writer for, in its first few years of existence, I wrote about politics and sports every week. Then, sometimes, I’d be asked to write about subjects to which I had some connection; that sort of assignment usually had to be turned around in a couple of hours.

Here are six obituaries, of a sort, that I wrote on such a basis. They were for four bars and a couple of local show business luminaries. For a little Richmond history click on the links.

“Last Call at the Border”

“The Sun Sets on Moondance”
“Soble’s Sold to the Devil”
“Master Of The Mighty Wurlitzer” (Eddie Weaver)
“Freeze Frame: Remembering Carole Kass”
“Exit the Masterpiece” (Chiocca’s Park Avenue Inn)

Note: Sorry about the lack of formatting in three of them; I don't know why it's that way in some of their old stuff.

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