Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wilder: R-Braves 'Walking Away'

“Mayor L. Douglas Wilder says the Richmond Braves are unwilling to work with the city on building a new ballpark. The team ‘is now turning its back and walking away from the people of Richmond,’ Wilder said this afternoon,”as reported by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Why has it come to this?

Enough of milking the public's reaction to the Maymont bears' bad luck. Let's hear the mayor tell us the unvarnished truth about what has happened over the last couple of years with regard to where the R-Braves ought to play baseball.

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The Richmond Democrat said...

Good riddance. They never brought any name recognition to Richmond anyway. What's my dream project you ask?

I think it's time that VCU had it's own football team! The stadium should be built somewhere in Richmond, maybe on the site of the jail, once it is torn down and moved elsewhere.

Imagine: instead of having a jail in the heart of our city a gleaming football stadium. It is Autumn in Virginia. In the parking lot portable grills give off the delicious smell of barbecue from tailgate parties. Across the entire United States college football fans tune in as Keith Jackson intones the following: "Live from beautiful downtown Richmond, Virginia--the River City--the 804, tonight we bring you VCU Rams football!"

Minor league baseball: who cares.
College football: puts Richmond on the map.