Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Claude 'Kleptomeister' Allen's Role Model?

Thanks to a posted heads-up -- “Weisberg launches damning attack on Bush, via Claude Allen” -- from J.C. Wilmore at The Richmond Democrat I read an excellent piece in Slate, ostensibly about President George W. Bush's top advisor on deep discounts, Claude Allen.

With this shoplifting scandal about to break Claude "Kleptomeister"Allen quit his White House job last month. No, Claude is not related to Sen. George Allen. However, both Allens are tied directly to another deep-thinking Republican who isn't exactly welcome at the White House anymore, either, Jim "Shark Task Force" Gilmore. Ah, but that's another story.

The Slate piece, "Claude Allen's Mentor," by Jacob Weisberg, is brisk and sarcastic. It’s ripping entertainment for those who really don't like Bush and his neocon henchmen one bit.

“...The president has expressed his shock and disappointment. How could one of his top appointees, a devout Christian who passed a series of FBI background checks, have been a common thief? But the more we hear about what Allen is accused of, the less it sounds like kleptomania and the more it sounds like an application of Bush economic policy.”

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