Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Miller Fix?

Wanting to know more about Harris Miller and having noted from Lefty Blogs that the candidate has a new web site, I clicked on the link. The first thing I saw was a head-scratching, boring blurb in bold type at the top of the page: “We Can Fix Washington." Then this: "Together, we can clean up Washington and refocus our government on the right priorities.”
Without going any further, I cringed and wondered: who in the world would put such banal, vague copy up as the most important thing for a viewer to see? Was it a joke? Would a serious player approve of such a lame message? It was like a Saturday Night Live parody of political pap written by a focus group for a bland candidate with nothing of his own to say.

Out of respect for a sharp politician that I like, Mark Warner, who is said to be close to Harris Miller, I’ve been wanting to keep an open mind on the Miller candidacy. Although I lean toward his opponent, James Webb, I’ve declined to say/write anything against Miller, himself. But the stuff coming out of his campaign seems quite bush league, so far. I wonder what Warner thinks of it.

Supposedly, Miller has some party regulars, pros, among his advisors. Well, it isn't showing.


Howling Latina said...

I have to ask you something about blog layouts. Don't exactly wanna share my stupidity with the "world." Could you e-mail me at lilpixiefig@aol.com...?

Oh, it's a shame about Miller's Web site; especially since I think Warner is gonna go all out for him.

But just between you, me and the lamp post, I'm more of a Kaine kind of Democrat, than Warner.

The Richmond Democrat said...

I was disappointed that they didn't update his biography. It still doesn't list his year of birth (or age) or what subjects he majored in at college and graduate school. Not trying to slam him, it's just basic information that belongs on a job application.

Maybe they'll update it soon; the site, while stylistically impressive still has some unfinished parts. Maybe the biography update is still to come.

Anonymous said...

Miller = empty suit

Warner should be very careful of what he does...