Wednesday, February 06, 2013

No More Taylor to Blame at ODU

Why would ODU fire its top-winning men's basketball coach of all-time?

Well, some might say Blaine Taylor has been such a nasty combination of a tedious whiner and a swaggering braggart over the years that all he needed was one bad season to get bounced out of Norfolk. The Monarch’s current 2-20 mark certainly qualifies as a ba-ad season. 
While at first glance the firing isn't a surprise given the team's record, you'd expect a coach who has achieved so much—as Taylor has at ODU, leading them to the NCAA tournament four times and a first-round win three years ago—to be able to survive a single wilderness campaign. After all, under Taylor's leadership the Monarchs have finished with 20 or more wins six times (including the past four seasons) and he's the all-time ODU wins leader.
Read this short piece in Deadspin and be sure to watch the rather strange video.

VCU Rams fans remember "Blame" Taylor as their favorite guy to mock (click here for another laugh at Taylor's expense). 

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