Sunday, February 17, 2013

Like Mike? No thanks

Please count me among those who could hardly care less that former NBA star Michael Jordan has turned 50.

Is Jordan the best pro athlete born on Feb. 17? Maybe, but Jim Brown was a pretty good football player in his day. Jim is 77 today, in case you want to celebrate. However, not unlike Mike, Jim’s troubled life away from his sport has not been particularly heroic or all that worth emulating.

Since Paris Hilton, Huey Newton, Wally Pipp and many other Americans with Wikipedia pages were also born on Feb. 17, Jordan may not be the most significant modern celebrity to have come into the world on that date. And, the list of well known people who were also born in 1963, like Mike, is way too long to even think about.

So, by way of much sports news hype, we know that Mr. Hanes Nike Gatorade Rayovac Ball-Park-Franks has turned 50 today. 

So what!  

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