Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Remember Freedom Fries?

New Millennium Republicans seem to believe that it’s a strength to have the populations of most other countries in the world disliking the president of the USA. They view Obama's popularity abroad as a sign of weakness, rather than a boon to the spirit of cooperation.

In the days leading up to America’s invasion of Iraq, when millions protested in the streets of cities around the world, Bush sneered that he wouldn’t be paying any heed to the advice of “focus groups.” Romney seems to want to carry on with the same air of indifference to what foreigners think.

In the debate last night, with his malarkey about Obama’s “apology tour,” now Romney -- ever the frat house bully -- would have us believe he can simply change the minds of the world’s violent religious fanatics.

On Day One of his presidency, Mitt, the Supreme Poobah, will take time away from his other Day One duties, to order every anti-American mullah in the Middle East to be held down and given a rude haircut. No apologies, either.  

If Romney is elected, would he take us back to the days of bashing Canada and France? Remember Freedom Fries?

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