Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goosing Lady Justice

Since we can't get a do-over, we'll never know if the Sanford Shooter would have been charged with second degree murder today, or tomorrow, without the public outcry for justice that erupted over the last month.

Hey, I'm not rushing to judge the 28-year-old George Zimmermann guilty, or not, but I am talking about an outcry that appeared to put the brakes on a process that was well on its way to sweeping “something” under an official rug ... a fraying, lumpy rug that already has too many darkly sad stories under it.

Now there’s a fair chance we’ll find out what that “something” was.

Look, I’m usually the first one to bemoan how the 24-hour news networks love to exaggerate the importance of purple stories about murder and justice. Once the feeding frenzy starts I usually ignore them as best I can.

However, in this case, it looks like righteous calls for justice were given amplification by the media in a way that pressured authorities in Florida to listen to their own better angels. This time, it seems goosing Lady Justice with some focused advocacy journalism played a positive role.

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